Mr.Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission announced preliminary results of the elections

08 february 2024 03:13

On February 8, 2024, Mr.Mazahir Panahov, CEC Chairman held press conference on the preliminary results of the early Presidential elections.

Mr.Panahov informed on the entrance of the results to CEC by 6102 (93,35%) out of 6537 polling stations on 125 election constituencies. He stated that the number of valid votes in the protocols was equal to 4 million 651 thousand 473. The valid votes have been distributed among the candidates as follows:

Leader candidate Mr.Aliyev Ilham Heydar oghlu - 4 million 281 thousand 625 votes (92,05%);

Mr.Aliyev Fuad Aghasi oghlu - 24 thousand 799 votes (0,53%);

Mr.Hasanguliyev Gudrat Muzaffar oghlu - 81 thousand 799 votes (1,76%);

Mr.Musayev Elshad Nabi oghlu - 31 thousand 33 votes (0,67%);

Mr.Mustafa Fazil Gazanfar oghlu - 92 thousand 980 votes (2%);

Mr.Nurullayev Razi Gulamali oghlu - 37 thousand 386 votes (0,80%);

Mr.Oruj Zahid Maharram oghlu – 101 thousand 851 votes (2,19%).

Mr.Mazahir Panahov noted that, “so, the data from a very few polling stations have not been submitted to CEC, so far. I guess, since tomorrow, we will receive the protocols by those Constituency Election Commissions and define the votes of a leader candidate in the protocols. On February 9, 2024, we are going to submit the election results to the publicity basing on the Con.EC protocols. The documents entered from now on will be put in the CEC session agenda upon their investigation and a final protocol on the voting results will be approved and adopted. Thus, the elections will be finalized on the CEC level and the protocol will be sent for approval to the Constitutional Court”.

The Constitutional Court shall adopt a decision upon the investigation of the documents submitted by CEC. The decision by the Constitutional Court shall be determinate and basing on that decision, the leader candidate shall be regarded as elected. He/she shall commence their term of office as President of the Republic of Azerbaijan after the swearing-in ceremony.

CEC Chairman noted that the elections were prepared and conducted effectively and the Azerbaijani electorate voted by exercising their constitutional rights in these elections, too.